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Golden Age

 Friends Capital

We invest for the next generation


Who are we?

What do we acquire?

How do you benefit?

How do we operate?

What is the meaning behind GAFC?

About us

  • We are friends, who invest their own money

  • We acquire privately held companies in Estonia

  • Our default option is that every investment will be held permanently

  • Businesses with less than €500,000 in operating profit

  • Businesses from all industries, but preferably in software

  • We do not acquire start-ups, and we prefer to have a majority stake

  • Exit: a fair price for your business based on historically proven profitability

  • Good home: we will keep your branding, people and culture as is

  • If you would like a free, non-binding valuation or simply an informal chat, please contact us

  • After the takeover of your company, everything initially remains largely unchanged

  • Gradually, opportunities arise to give our own input

  • We are convinced that a decentralized organizational structure is the best way to keep companies agile

  • "Golden Age" is closely linked to our pledge to be a good home for the businesses, or rather the life's work of the entrepreneurs, that we look after

  • "Friends Capital" stands for our commitment to building an alliance of people who trust and support each other


Golden Age

 Friends Capital

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